Hello New Old World Nearly Sold Out Of Third Pressing!

It’s true! We’re proud to say that Hello New Old World is about to sell out of its third pressing of CD’s. Fortunately the nice folks at the ex-parrot (Norwegian Blue Records) have found a few cassettes left over to bridge the gap until the next round of disks make their way to the merch tent.

Thanks to everyone who has bought an album, it’s a very nice feeling to sell out all the time.

The Generation Gap (academic paper abstract)

Are sound engineers showing preference for the mixing technology of their generation? We interviewed producer Ezequiel Morfi who owns TITANIO in Buenos Aires, and contrasted his opinions with those of four mixers based in Western Canada, who were required to use analog-only or digital-only mixing tools when preparing stimuli for this study. To ascertain the myths about which technology sounds superior, 19 trained listeners of ages 17-37 compared analog and digital mixing versions of eight pop-rock tracks in a double-blind listening test. The main results showed that the analog version of one track was significantly preferred by 79% of the listeners (p=.02), and weobserved a slight trend towards the significance of age on preference for the analog format (p=.09).

The paragraph you’ve just read was accepted for presentation at the 147th Audio Engineering Society conference in New York City, NY.